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Bellevue Rendezvous

Bellevue Rendezvous are an inventive Scottish based trio of Gavin Marwick (fiddle), Cameron Robson (cittern, jaw harp) and Ruth Morris (nyckelharpa) plundering Europe for strange and interesting tunes. The nyckelharpa is a traditional Swedish instrument, a beautifully toned keyed fiddle in the viola register, rarely seen in the UK.

With a collective CV that encompasses some of Scotland's most fascinating outfits - including Unusual Suspects, Cantrip and Iron Horse - they draw on music and traditions as diverse as Serbia, Macedonia, Poland, Canada, France and Finland to create the quirkily alluring instrumental interplay that will surely make their Salamander CD one of the albums of the year.

What the reviewers are saying:

"Elemental, mesmeric, extraordinarily beautiful. The second CD from this string trio is an absolute triumph. Salamander is truly fabulous, cathartic and invigorating: very highly recommended and already likely to be in my 2010 top ten." Alex Monaghan

"A lyrical collaboration." **** Clive Davis, Sunday Times

"Salamander should cement the position of Bellevue Rendezvous as one of the foremost talents in traditional music, with a sound that stands out as truly distinct and imaginative.", Mike Wilson

"It's not only their incredible musicianship but the way the instruments interplay to create atmosphere, the bowing of the cittern, the dark grainy effect of the nyckelharpa, the mysteries of the jaw harp. They also create interesting combinations and contrasts, placing darker tunes together with a livelier jig, formality with wild abandon, switching leads, new tunes, old tunes, dark and light together, it makes a fascinating listening experience." Jill Turner, Gondwana Sound

"Sheer musicality." Songlines

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