Breakdown Cover for Job Security

A good breakdown cover insurance policy can help with your job security. One of the things often emphasized by employers is the ability to show up for work on time, ready to work. If you are dealing with vehicle problems this can be difficult to achieve. You might, in fact, want to have two types of breakdown cover – the at home version and the commuter’s version.

Not all Breakdown Policies Are the Same

There are a wide variety of breakdown covers ranging from a reclaim policy from Gem to the standard home cover of the RAC. Some are geared toward problems that occur in your driveway or within ¼ mile of home. Some are put together for ordinary domestic driving such as going to the grocery store, showing up for appointments, and similarly ordinary sorts of driving. Commuters need a policy that is geared just for them.

Commuting and Vehicle Wear

Commuting is one of those things that eats up both time and energy while increasing the stress on your vehicle. There is an old saying that the pitcher that goes to the well most often is the one that is most likely to be broken. A vehicle that travels busy freeways or streets during rush hour, which is likely to be the time when your work is beginning or ending, is more frequently exposed to chances for an accident to happen. Workers who are driving a car or truck at the end of the day are tired, and less likely to catch problems before they become extensive. The statistical probability for something to go wrong with a vehicle goes up when it is used twice daily three or more days a week. Therefore, breakdown insurance for commuters is frequently a separate policy from that for people who drive their vehicle less often.

Vacationing in a Foreign Country

Always check with your breakdown cover agent before going on a motor vacation, especially if you will be traveling across borders. Different countries have different regulations for motor vehicles, so you might need a tune-up on your policy before you depart.

Specialty Vehicle Insurance

You can get a breakdown cover for your motorcycle or your motorhome, as well as for your standard vehicles. Like policies that cover cars or trucks, they help you if your vehicle develops a mechanical problem somewhere along our chosen route. Breakdown policies can even include leisure batteries. From some companies, the replacement ones come with a two-year warranty.

Something to Keep in Mind

Roadside assistance doesn’t mean that you will get free parts, replacement supplies or tires. It does mean that the person who shows up to help you will be qualified to diagnose the problem with your vehicle and to make the judgment call as to whether it can be fixed on the spot or whether it will need to be towed to a repair shop.

Side Benefits of Vacation Cover

Some vacation cover policies include alternative transportation options, or even overnight hotel accommodations if repairs will take a very long time. Best of all, if you are in a country that doesn’t speak your language or you theirs, most breakdown insurance companies include a hotline service that will connect you with someone who speaks your language. Even if all you need is your flat tire changed or a battery charged, sometimes that friendly voice is one of the best things that you’ve ever heard. Not only can you be sure that the person who comes to take care of your vehicle problem is a good mechanic, you know that he or she is a person that you can trust to help you find positive solutions while you are far from home.